Notepad: Shopping List

There is nothing worse than coming back home from the supermarket and realizing that you forgot some of the things you needed to buy. To avoid that, we designed this super useful Shopping List Notepad, with a magnet on the back so you can place it on the fridge door to have it always there when you need to add something to the list.

It has a main column for those really necessary things, and an extra one for those cravings that you'll get just because you love them. Once the list is ready, just take that sheet of paper and you're ready to go shopping!

The notepad includes 50 pages and a magnet on the back so you can have it on your fridge's door.

Size: 13x21 cm / 5.1" x 8.2"

$ 8.48

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Size: 13x21 cm / 5.1" x 8.2"
50 Sheets
Magnet on the back