Our story!

Hi! We are Loïc and Leo, and we created Apredart.

Loïc is an illustrator who has been drawing since he was a little kid: he would draw on napkins, school notebooks and pretty much any piece of paper that he found. One day he accidentally stepped on a pin, and thought: “wow, that hurt even though it’s very small. I can’t imagine how much that would’ve hurt if I was small like a mouse!”

Funny as it sounds, that’s how he came up with the idea of Rikiki, the cute little mouse who likes to interact with the real world. Later on he decided to draw a friend for him, but not another mouse. Instead, he came up with a giraffe named Kimali.

The idea behind Rikiki, Kimali and their friends, is to create a world full of happiness and joy, to remind everyone of the nice things that life has to offer, and hopefully put a smile on people’s faces.

Leo, on the other hand, is a designer and marketer. He’s been friends with Loïc since they met in a small town in Mexico, and together decided to start the journey of Apredart, creating illustrated objects for the every day life, hoping to bring the joy of Rikiki and his friends into people’s homes.

After months of planning, sketching and testing different things, we decided to quit our day jobs and focus full time on doing what we love the most. It is thanks to the support of amazing people like you that we can continue following our dream and passion.

We hope that Rikiki, Kimali and the rest of their friends will bring as much joy to you as they have brought to us!

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